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Most businesses are awash with more data than they can deal with – prospect and customer lists, sales data, market research, and complaints – and yet their staff do not use this data to effectively manage customer relationships.

In almost all cases sales and service staff are servicing customers who are not generating the most profits - which means that the business’s most important customers are being neglected. Little wonder that some of your best customers decide to leave.

An effective Customer Relationship Management solution can ensure your marketing and sales teams have customer information that they can easily use to significantly grow the value of your customer base – typically:

  • Your most profitable customers, and what characteristics make them so.
  • Changes in customer purchasing behaviour – either an opportunity or threat.
  • Gaps in product portfolios – indicating cross-sell, up-sell, and repeat-sell opportunities.

Over the past decade, customer relationship management solutions have evolved to the extent  that they enable a business to grow the lifetime value of its customers, as well as counter customer defections.

Successful CRM implementations have enabled companies to leapfrog their competitors – often taking the dominant position in their industry through their superior profitability and customer retention levels.

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