1 to 1 : Peppers and Rogers

E-Loan Bucks Industry with Transparency

Though E-Loan operates in a sector where full transparency in regard to privacy issues is rare, the company goes beyond regulations in the name of customers.

Being Careful With Customer Value

If your organization suddenly had to compete with 15 new companies in your space, what would you do?
If you are Eneco Energie, a Holland-based supplier of gas, electricity, and heat, you’d merge your customer data with operations data. In 2002, faced with the liberalization of the energy market, the company centralized these two data sources in an effort to stay ahead of the competition. “What we saw is that we needed an early warning system, or we would lose a lot of customers,” says Ton van den Dungen, manager of business intelligence and control at Eneco.

Customer Insight Reinvents Advertising

Early in 2004 Boston-based advertising agency Partners + Simons won the BlueCross BlueShield of Massachusetts (BCBSMA) account. It was a big win for the agency and a potentially huge account with a substantial ad budget. So, according to CEO Tom Simons, the agency set out to find out what the healthcare provider’s customers needed and valued from the company, as well as what they expected from its advertising messaging.

Customers Benefit, Too

Outsourcing in Eastern Europe may give global organizations a cost advantage, but it offers several customer-focused benefits as well. Amit Shankardass, senior vice president of solution planning at ClientLogic, cites three key areas in which customers see returns.

How Outsourcing Translates in Eastern Europe

The buzz about offshoring activities in the Czech Republic, Hungary, and even Poland begs a question: Do they sprechen sie call center outsourcing in Eastern Europe?

All in the Family

Bell Canada is making a splash. From advertising dominance at Toronto’s busy intersections, to sponsorship of the 2010 Olympics in Vancouver, most places Canadians turn they see the Bell Canada brand. The communications provider hopes the flurry of advertisements and the aggressive 125th anniversary marketing campaign will shed the image some analysts have formed that the company is asleep at the switch.