8 Companies Changing How Machine Learning Is Used

More and more companies are adopting the technology for use in their products and services, understanding the significant value it adds in working with an audience that expects personalization. Emerging Ethical Concerns In the Age of Artificial Intelligence There are some standout companies that are now making significant strides in how machine learning can be used, setting themselves well above others in their industry. With autonomous drones, aerial imaging technology and its suite of proprietary analysis tools, Skycatch empowers mining, solar, agriculture and construction companies to cut costs and improve jobsite safety. BotworxBotworx is an artificial intelligence-powered platform that delivers authentic conversations that works on all types of instant messaging systems. The goal is for your customers to truly feel like someone is there with them rather than dealing with an automated response system that has no personality or sensitivity to who they are dealing with, which can impact the customer experience. In creating an efficient, autonomous screening system, the company has been able to deliver a very low-cost solution that will make early detection screenings accessible to more people, potentially saving many lives. FlintFlint incorporates machine learning in its invoicing and credit card processing platform to facilitate some of the many time-consuming tasks that go into handling these aspects of your business. Using machine learning algorithms, these robots have artificial intelligence that enables them to learn as they work and complete new tasks with 90 percent accuracy.

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