Google Cloud betting on artifical intelligence, machine learning in India

After delayed entry into India’s fast-growing cloud services market, information technology giant Google is banking on its machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI) prowess to win customers and compete with rivals Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure.The internet major has vast swathes of user data, thanks to popular services such as Android, Google Search, Gmail and YouTube. It is trying to sell its service by using tools that it says are tuned specifically for Indian users.There is, for instance, Hike Messenger, one of the largest consumer internet services in the country with over 100 million users, got as a customer from rival AWS. The move was completed in 60 days with zero downtime, no small feat for a service that sees over a billion messages being sent on a daily basis.”When they started talking to us, it was on the promise of our machine learning and AI. They saw Google to be the most innovative provider, who was really bringing cutting-edge technology. They have ..

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