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Detroit Wants More Ad Inventory, Gets It

A behavioral targeting deal reveals Detroit’s outrageous appetite for ad inventory that reaches in-market car buyers.

Classifieds Still King but Paid Search Looms Locally

Local ad spending, driven by classifieds and paid local search, is experiencing a growth spurt, two reports find.

Paid Search Expected to Outpace Display By 2010

JupiterResearch expects emerging players in the search engine space to push paid search ahead of display.

Eyeblaster Adds Multi-Unit Synchronization

New features in Eyeblaster v 6.0 include ad synchronization within a page, behavioral sequencing, and a rich media creation tool geared toward coop advertising.

EBay Jumps on Pay-Per-Call Bandwagon with Skype Buy

The $2.6 billion purchase lets eBay expand into lead generation.

Advertisers Follow the Audience to Video Games

Broadcast advertising revenue will give way to inventory in video games and online in 2006, Jack Myers forecasts.