Inside Scoop: What Role Does a “Chief Customer Officer” Play?

A member of the new breed of “chief customer officer” is Dennis DeGregor, senior vice president for Bank of America. He shares his ideas with founder Bob Thompson.

When In Rome, Don’t Speak Greek: Marketers and Sales Need a New Mindset

When Gary Schmidt and Morris Karolicki went to work with a “disfunctional” organization, they found that marketers focused on dissecting and proving why sales was wrong. While they may have been right and winning the battle, they were losing the war—badly.

There’s no “I” in Team

There are several factors Debbie Qaqish deems necessary in creating a collaborative environment where sales and marketing not only co-exist but also provide measurable results that matter.

Applications and Processes Must Span Across Departments

Without measurement, you may find, writes Mark Powers, that marketing doesn’t know that the sales department is using a pitch that doesn’t touch on key elements of the campaign.

Take Our Brochures, Please! Marketing and Sales Have To Collaborate on Collateral

Based on her experience as a consultant to companies seeking to unite seemingly disparate functional areas, Alisa Gilhooley is happy to report that it can be done!