Are you ready to run a successful business? Here’s how our customized digital marketing services can help:

Digital Marketing Strategy

Not sure what marketing tactics make sense right now?

Are you regularly getting the wrong types of clients?

Simple marketing tactics won’t solve this – you need to develop an effective marketing strategy – one that suites you and your business.

Reputation Marketing

Expand the visibility of every review or feedback received from your customer.

Create posts highlighting your best reviews, & share these across major social media outlets.

Address negative reviews by proactively engaging with unhappy customers, and improving your internal processes.

Google My Business

For any local business, the biggest challenge is getting found…getting ‘Discovered’.

While Word Of Mouth referrals may help your business, being found in local search is what really drives your business success.

And being on Page One in Google – especially the “3 Pack” – is what makes a massive difference.

Marketing Analytics

Marketing analytics entails measuring, managing and analyzing your marketing activities to maximize their effectiveness and optimize your return on investment (ROI).

Beyond measuring the obvious sales and lead generation metrics, marketing analytics can also offer profound insights into your customer’s preferences and local market trends.

You get what you measure. If you don’t have a systematic way of measuring your activities, you won’t get the insights as to what is, and isn’t working.

Website Optimisation

The performance of your website can have a material impact on the success of your online marketing.

The speed of your site – impacted by website design and hosting – is taken into account by Google. Slow sites rank lower than fast sites.

It’s also essential that your site if optimized for mobile browsing, as more and more prospects are searching for businesses using their mobile phones.

SEO is another factor that have a major impact on your website traffic.

Marketing Automation

One of the key drivers of success in business is consistency.

Consistent prospecting, following up on any leads, and regular after-sales contact with clients – to ensure they satisfied, and ideally willing to provide a positive review.

It’s important to establish automated systems – as they provide the necessary consistency.

Email & messenger automation, regular social posting, and interactive chatbots all help to deliver consistent interactions with leads and customers.