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Consistent and Persistent Digital Marketing

The Key to Building a Successful Online Presence Consistent and persistent online marketing is essential for any business that wants to succeed in today’s marketplace. In a hyper competitive environment, it’s hard to stay top of mind. You can. though, if you’re consistent with your marketing message, and you follow-up and stay in contact with your leads and customers. This … Read more

The 5 Simple Marketing Metrics You Should Know

When you’re running a business, it’s easy to become overwhelmed with everything you need to do. A lot of business owners look at marketing as an afterthought. They’re focusing on other things. That attitude’s a common one – but it’s not a great idea to ignore marketing. And while you might not have a ton of time to spend on … Read more

How To Use Social Media to Boost Your Business Credibility

You know that most people prefer to do business with those they feel that they “know, like, and trust.” For this reason, all online and offline business owners need to find ways to develop the story of their credibility as a business owner and business. Using social media to boost your business creditably is an effective way to accomplish it. … Read more